"*The* place to learn bata!"

"Michelle is a wonderfully patient, generous and committed teacher. She's blessed with not only being a technically brilliant and expressive dancer, but also the ability to break down difficult concepts, spot what you're doing wrong and takes the time to correct you. I was lucky to start my journey in flamenco with her, and under her careful eye, have developed not only as a dancer but also as a person. Flamenco speaks to me, and I'm grateful that Michelle has been here to help me learn how to answer."

"I thoroughly enjoy Michelle’s classes even though I’m dog-tired on a Friday evening after the work week. It picks me up. Michelle is a great teacher. I do bata de cola classes with her and she really takes the time with technique, which makes all the difference. Plus, we learn lovely choreographies. And the bonus is that the class feels like a mini-family. Newcomers are welcomed into the fold."